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A.M Volunteers will raise awareness about your charity or non profit in different and unique ways such as fundraisers, social media advertising, online donations and community events.

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Partnership with local business allows A.M Volunteers to collect donations & contributions. Contributions gives us the opportunity to produce events to benefit organizations in our community.


Donations (of any amount) gives us the ability to produce fundraisers, fund social media advertising and participate in community events.


Our volunteers provide their time and talents to produce amazing and unique ways that generate awareness in our community. We pride ourselves in operating 100% on volunteers.



A.M Volunteers provides our community with resources & volunteering opportunities bridging the gap between organizations and community.

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A.M Volunteers

A.M Volunteers provides our community with resources,information & volunteering opportunities bridging the gap between resources and community.

Get Involved

We encourage everyone to reach out to our community and find a charity or non profit organization to volunteer. We have provide a link to organization in our community.


A.M Volunteers connects the resources Southern Nevada provides to our community trough social media, share links and word of mouth. We network with non-profits & charities to distribute enlightenment of assistance for anyone in need.




Charity Events

Follow listing of upcoming charity functions taking place in Southern Nevada.

Annual Food Drive

Our annual food drive provides meals for thousands of families during the holiday season and into the new year. For more information, call (702) 382-1766 

  • 12.31.2015

three square

Locally owned and operated company Tortillas Inc. is doing its part to “Chip Away Hunger.” Now through December, partial proceeds from specially marked packages of Tortillas Inc. .

  • 12.31.2015


If so please contact A.M Volunteers,
and we will promote you're
function for free on our website
& social media outlets.


  • A.M

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Our Values

A.M Volunteers collaborates with charities & non-profits in our community to raise awareness and resources. Our organization can accomplish more when we complement the existing resources available in the community rather than duplicate them.



we support our community

Spare Change Projec Through this project we want to get our community to reach out to our local sponsors visit their fine establishments and donate their spare change. The project will benefit the charities and non profits A.M Volunteers associates with.


--Kid Time Gymnastics Rollin Smoke BBQ

Spare Change Project donation boxes located inside this two business.


Become a sponsor, please contact us today.


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